Will the Nikon Z8 be a version of the Z9 without a vertical grip?

How2fly, who posted the rumor that “Nikon Z8 or Z6 III will be coming soon”, is tweeting new rumors about Nikon’s new model “Z8”.

“Nikon Z8 is basically a Z9 without the vertical grip,with the same 45.71 MP stacked sensor and EXPEED 7 processor inside.”

The credibility of how2fly’s rumor information is currently unknown (the image looks like Photoshop, but the truth is also unknown). If this rumor is true, future rumor information may be reliable. If the information is true, it would be “mini Z9“. I personally expected the Z8 to be a “Z7 with a 61-megapixel sensor” …

If the Nikon Z8 is a “mini Z9” equipped with a stacked CMOS sensor and EXPEED 7, it seems to be a popular model like the Z9. On the contrary, I think that it will compete with the Z9 in the market, so it is doubtful whether the Z8 will really appear with this spec. Anyway, it is rumored that it will appear in August, so expect a follow-up report.

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